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Free Slot Igrosoft

The company Igrosoft today is one of the most famous and respected producers of software for gambling platforms in the CIS. The company was founded in 90-e years in London and was involved in the production of game devices from the start.

Free Slot Igrosoft

Slot machines Igrosoft quickly found its niche in the gambling market. Large and small game halls of UK was completed. Still players prefer real casinos, often choose slots by this producer.

With the development of the Internet Igrosoft made a step towards progress and began to develop software for the online casino. Along with the new machines on online gambling sites appeared to all the familiar slot machines:

Best slot machines Igrosoft

the Most popular online slots are:

  • Strawberries;
  • Monkeys;
  • Resident;
  • Cupcake, and others.

Today, free slot machines Igrosoft are some of the most popular video slots leading online casinos in Runet. Any experienced player knows by heart the tricks of the apparatus of Strawberries received a lot of prizes from the Jolly chimp the Monkey game, and once saved the radio operator kat in the spy slot Resident.

The company’s products Igrosoft known around the world. Their machines are translated into many languages and are used in online casinos from around the world.

Will experience the excitement with an incredibly dynamic and exciting slots this company. Get the winnings you’ve always dreamed of. With online slot machines Igrosoft — luck is always on your side!

Juicy Fruits

Play free slot machine Juicy fruits (juicy Fruit)

Slot Machine Juicy fruits (juicy fruit) who is not familiar with the legendary game “Juicy fruits” juicy fruit, ready at any time wealthy you and dance a merry dance in honor of this and in the slot machines play for free and without registration.

Bonus Game One in one resembles the bonus game of the slot machine strawberry. In the bonus game you are given the opportunity to collect five fruit companies, if you succeed, then you will be in the prize game. In it, guided by its intuition, you will guess which of the provided fruit the most ripe and juicy. The game will end when you stumble on a worm. But your winning is not going anywhere, it will definitely be credited to your account. And, of course, in the game you will meet with the Joker-tomato in glasses.


Slot Machine cupcake (stove) online without SMS and registration

Keks (cupcake, stoves) The company Igrosoft is pleased to present the users of the emulator slot machine cupcake-5-Reel 9-line video slot. To start the game – Refill the balance, then press start. After stopping the reels you will see if you win or not. If Fortuna smiles at you – try your luck and double the bets by pressing DOUBLE. If you lose your balance will decrease. More information about free slot machine emulators have the HELP button, clicking on which, you will get more information about the game.


Double Betting Game

When winning you can try your luck in the game with doubling bets. 5 maps are available for your attention. The dealer opens the card first. You choose a card from the four remaining. If your card is bigger – your balance is doubled, if you have dragged a smaller – lost. If the advantages of the cards are equal, Perezdacha occurs. The game continues until you pull a smaller card.

Bonus game in the slot machine cupcake

The first stage of the game. On the screen will appear several ovens, each of which is something: different dishes, smoke. If you have a choice of dishes-bet multiplied on the number located near the open oven. If you choose Smoke-the bonus game will end. With the successful opening of all ovens-you are given the opportunity to play a super Bonus game cupcake.
Super Bonus game. When you open all the ovens in the bonus game or find the cupcake, will start a super game in which you can get a super prize of 50-500 bets. The goal of the Super Bonus game is to search in the cupcake bushes. The probability of winning in the Super Bonus game equals to fifty percent, because the bush, in one of which the cupcake is hidden, only two.

Rock climber

Rock climber play online without SMS and registration

Now in the Internet there are many casinos where you can play free games slot machines, there are abundant.

Rock climber (rock-Climber, rope) is a 5-reel slot that allows you to increase your winnings at risk – and bonus-games.

During the base game you need to choose the game settings:

  • the number of lines from 1 to 9;
  • the size of the bet from 1 to 25 credits.

The doubling of slot machine Rope?

If you see 3 or more similar object, then you know you have won. By the way, wins on all lines are summarized. Winnings can be multiplied in the risk game, opening the map more than the dealer. If open less – win the dealer, if the same card – the double game can be repeated. The number of games is not limited.

The bonus game and super prize

The bonus game involves the selection of ropes, to climb the mountain. If it is not geared to the cave and climber, which you see on the screen, climbed onto the platform, you win the stage, otherwise the game ends. However, the resulting gain is not canceled and goes into credit.

When you get to the top of the mountain and set her flag, you would expect a super-prize.

Lucky Drink

Slot machines Devils online without registration


Feel the slight dizziness from victories on the slot machine Devils! In this pub you can share the good stuff and earn big money in online slot machines. Here is something to make money — beer and different snacks helpful bring a cute waitress.

After each successful combination in the main game, there is a possibility to risk and double the win. The dealer will offer to open one of four cards and compare it with his. If the map is more — you win, if less, the bet per spin is burned.

Hell is the bonus symbol of the slot machine Lucky Drink. Three points of the devil — and you in the bonus game. Five barrels hidden in the depths of different objects that have a certain multiplication factor. Open any barrel buttons “Line 1-9” and enjoy your winnings. If in the barrel will be the devil himself — the bonus game ends. If you win, the unclean will offer you to play cards. Guess what color card in his hand — a black or red, and the reward will be even greater.


Slot machine Garage play for free without registration

The garage is not only room for car storage. This is a place for relaxation, gatherings with friends, and there you can hide the stash. Slot machines Garage is familiar to every motorist in the interior, where the money won in a comfortable environment. For all players on our website have the opportunity slot machines to play for free.

How to play the slot?

To help in the Garage slot will be colorful owner of the garage, along with his ginger cat. Here is everything you need an avid motorist: battery, oil, candles, gas canisters, fire extinguisher, car Jack, car key. These themed symbols will bring a lot of money in the piggy Bank players, which additionally can be increased in the risk game.

Bonus games

This slot has two bonus games. The first of these “Keys”. It will start, if at any position on the reels appear three or more locks with keys. The players have to open 5 castles and get paid for it. But before each operation it is necessary to properly determine in which of two boxes is the key.

The second bonus game is the “Box” is activated from 3 and symbols that appear above the boxes. It offers a choice of 5 boxes. There are tools that you can use to get a good win and a strict policeman, which causes the bonus round to end.

Lucky Haunter

Free machine Tube (Lucky Haunter) without registration

Cozy beer restaurant “slot Tube” reckless invites you to enjoy a tasting of the best Beers, but still make money on it! Slot machine Lucky Haunter has everything for a fun-filled break — fresh beer, wine, and seafood seafood. In addition, at our website there are lots of other slot games for free and without registration.

The gambling

Do not rush to throw empty beer bottles that will be useful in the gamble game the gaming machine Cap. In it, the dealer will offer a choice of 4 beer cans, and if the number of the selected bottle will be more than the dealer, the profit will increase by several times.

A two-stage bonus game

When the drink left alone tube, time to play the bonus game. It takes place in two rounds and is triggered when on reels 3 or more symbols of the lids.

  1. In the first round of the slot machine Tubes have to flip a beer cap and to assess how many times will multiply the bet amount. Among them is the cover marked “Output” which will return to the main game.
  2. If luck is on your side, and this cap does not fall, then go to the second bonus round slot Tube. It is necessary to determine where is the delicious fried chicken. The main thing — not to run into fish bones.