In England building a new casino

In England building a new casino

After four years that have passed since obtaining the license, the company Global Gaming Ventures (Development) Limited have finally submitted a detailed plan for future gambling establishment Casino Victoria Gate, which will be built in Leeds in the North of England.

According to the plan, the casino, more than 4600 square metres will occupy only the top floor, which can accommodate the poker room for a hundred seats and 24 of the table. All in all, casino is almost 72 thousand square meters, and its construction will be spent over 200 million dollars.

In England building a new casino

As stated by Andrew Hurd, chief Executive officer of the London company Global Gaming Ventures (Development) Limited, this will be a unique and very large-scale institution, which is clearly different from what has already been created in the North of England. “We are excited to introduce our name, our look and our employees. Despite the fact that the casino will be located in the heart of Leeds, and work there are locals, our guests will be people from other regions. Preliminary studies indicate that this supercasino will be able to attract guests from other cities and will provide new investments,” added Andrew heard.

According to the site World Casino News, casino Victoria Gate Casino can easily take up to a thousand people, making it the third largest in the UK and the largest in the North of England. It will be located 140 gaming machines and eighty-electronic gaming terminals. Along with this variety in the casino will put huge screens to watch sporting events, restaurant and bars where, among other things, will sell craft beer, Ales and stouts. The creators have set a goal to organize the best school in its class, which will provide not only an opportunity to spend time gambling, but also will appreciate its non-gaming leisure activities and excellent service.

“Casino Victoria Gate Casino built to give an additional impulse to the local economy and create several hundred new jobs, said Robert Dobson, a representative of the company Hammerson real estate. We look forward to the opportunity to visit this casino to enjoy all that it can offer”.

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