german casino industry

New gambling legislation in Germany is threatening a land based casino

Operators of land-based casinos and gambling halls working in Germany, with some trepidation preparing for the implementation of the new gambling legislation. It is likely that he next year will be the last for many in this business. 

According to the website Euractiv, many gambling halls and casinos of Germany may lose their license, when will come into force the new, more stringent rules for the regulation of gambling. This will happen in January 2017, and the transition period specified in legislation of 2012, will finally expire.

german casino industry

The fact that the current German gambling laws, according to the European court, does not meet the standards and requirements of the European Union is a fundamental truth. However, if online operators coming into force of the changes will be more positive ground is that I live in a state of uncertainty. “Our operators simply was not possible to adapt to the current situation, because above them hung the uncertainty. They didn’t even have confidence that they will be able to continue work on the market and employ people,” said Georg Plug, representative of the chamber of gambling operators in Germany.

He added that in Berlin started to begin to tighten the requirements even earlier, on July 31. According to George, the Plug began to license only those operators whose halls or casinos are at a distance of not less than five hundred meters from the already operating institutions. If we take for basis of this rule and to customize it to other areas of the facility, hundreds or even thousands of likes will have to stop their work. And that sounds like an alarm bell – the development of this industry in Berlin can lead to the inevitable fines for business owners who are informed of violations has never been seen.

However, there is another point of view on the events, voiced by Marlene Mortler, the government adviser on the fight against drugs. In an interview with the local newspaper, he stated that the new requirements primarily aimed at combating gambling addiction, the development of which heavily contribute to any “fruit” slots. “Currently the players a lot more young people aged 18 to 20 years than it was even just a few years ago. And in order to be able to protect these people, we should exclude the possibility of any legal loopholes,” added Marlene Mortler. By the way, and Georg Plug also stated the need to improve work in this direction. In particular, to improve the training of employees and to create a new system that would recognize ludomania in the early stages and deal with it.

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