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Slot Machines in Different Countries and Their Features

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Most likely everyone knows that sets of slots in different countries are different. In fact, everywhere there are old classic slots machines that were invented in the USA, Canada and also Australian video slot machines. In different countries, the variety of machines depends on the mentality, as well as legal subtleties. It is not worthwhile to discuss the specifics of automata of other countries, they are everywhere. And now we will discuss the most exotic representatives, who meet much less often.

First, let’s take Japan and their “pachinko.” The game was born in Japan, in the first part of the 20th century, and more like a pinball with elements of excitement. The iron balls were bought, which were charged into the slot machine, and alternately they were launched onto the playing field. Then the balls or rebounded from various obstacles, or fell into one of the prize holes on the field, or even fell down the machine. The name of this game is very much in tune with the sound that the ball emits at the impact of the barrier on the field – Pachi. Since under the law monetary prizes in Japan are not permissible (for this reason the usual slots are not in demand there). Therefore, the reward in these machines was given by the same balls. Well, then the lucky owner took his “winnings” and went to the shop of machines and changed his balls for prizes – toys, sweets, etc. And now with this he went to the nearest room where these prizes were already exchanged for money, and the prizes got back to the game hall.

In the vending machines of our time, you can adjust the force with which the ball will be thrown away, in this case the players are already showing their skill in this game, thereby showing that the specialists can play plus on such machines. Even in the modern machine of this kind appeared a three-figure scoreboard, varying depending on the hits. When all three identical numbers fall, the game goes into a prize mode, thereby increasing the chance of winning by opening an extra hole in the field. In general, the owners of the gambling halls set up the level of the winnings themselves, and they make up about 80 percent, but some machines are set up for “extradition” to entice the people. In the Land of the Rising Sun, this kind of game is rather famous, it is played by not one million inhabitants of the country, and the turnover from these machines amounts to several hundred billion dollars.

Similar machines can be found in Europe . Known to the majority of the game is “snap”, the machine in which you need to use a crane to pull a soft toy. In such machines, the chance of winning is also configurable, so that they have an advantage in those who watch them, since the wins have approximately the same time intervals. There is also an analogue of the automaton according to the functional very similar to pachinko, in it you throw a coin that falls on the field in a random way, the game zone is divided into 2 parts – the first is the movable part, and the fixed one is under the movable one. If you are lucky, when you hit a coin on the playing area, it can push one or more coins that fall on the lower fixed part, while the mobile in turn throws them off, and all that is thus dropped and there is your winnings. If you try to cheat and tilt the machine, it immediately blocks, because there are sensors in it. At the moment there are as yet no online versions of such machines. Perhaps in the country of progress – Japan has already digitized the version of Pachinko, but from well-known suppliers it has not yet been seen. Agree that it will not be very exciting to play the virtual version of the game “snap”, but who knows maybe soon and there will be such analogues.

Although not in all online casinos , but almost all you can find English fruit machines. Traditionally they are presented in the form of usual slots, they are more often found in one line. They are called fruit, because in the form of images of slots there are different fruits. From simple machines they are distinguished by the fact that the player is given a set of additional. functions that fall out to the player in random order.AWP – Amusement With Prizes – upgrade of fruit machines. When certain conditions are met, a bonus game opens (for this, secondary images collected in combination should be displayed on the reels). In this game you can play a few Hi-Low games in order, you need to guess the number that will be less or more of the presented ones, starting from 1 to 12. Each guessed figure increases the winnings. With a correct hit about thirty times, there is a chance to climb to the top of the pyramid, with the prize fund already being more than one thousand.Often there is a chance to choose a prize – a bonus game, a boost or money. Not only in England you can find this type of game, but also in the online casino Microgaming.

Also there is an opportunity for the player to retain any number of drums – this possibility is called Hold. For example, the apple and cherry fell out, while holding the drum with the cherry, in the next game only the drum with the apple will spin. In case of falling out another cherry, you win. The next option is to push the drum, or several at once. The drum in this case is dropped one cell down. Suppose you have a couple of cherries and an apple, and you see that there is another cherry over the apple, pushing the drum with the apple you win. Typically, payments on offline such machines are small, about 80% (at least 70%).

Apparently, the variety of national automatic machines is very high and it has a place in slot machines. Although not all can be seen in the online casino, but in part on the novelties you will definitely stumble. So if you want to try something new – go ahead!

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