What secrets are fraught with slot machines

Mesmerizing eyes flickering images, qualitative portrayal of characters and a wealth of exciting stories… Slot machines has reached the level where the players are immersed in a virtual world and find on the screens of slots favorite characters.

For many of the game machines – a release, a way to get new bright emotions, which, unfortunately, they can not experience in everyday life. Well, that one-armed bandits bring a lot of pleasure to many people, but their main task is to give the prizes. In any case, we recommend that you initially, slot machines play for free without registration. Then you will be able to train and develop an effective strategy.

How to beat online slot machines? To answer this question will not everyone. Today we will try to uncover the main secrets of slot machines that will help you win more. Swing method of trial and error, the advice of friends, better consult the experienced professional players who have achieved a lot.

1. A clear strategy

Deception nothing good will succeed! Here we need a clever strategy as well as the interplay of logic and intuition. But to begin, select a certain number of bands who will be involved in spins and the bet amount. After analyzing the gains and losses on certain lines, you can calculate which lane and when to bet.

Of course, the machines are programmed for profit, and they give only a certain percentage of the investments of all players. But the percentage is in a particular gaming session can be a great income for the average player.

2. Don’t choose “Pets”


Some gamers rely on one piece of equipment and constantly invest in it. Even if you went a long losing streak, they don’t change her chosen. This is wrong! You need to develop a system for: after ten failed spins to change the number of lines, the bet amount or the slot. The program distributes winnings at all machines within one online casino.

Same goes for winning spins. Got a good profit for a few lucky spins – make a pause, do not start press the “Start” button mindlessly in the hopes of even greater luck. It comes to the reasonable players.

3. The machine will tell you when to stop

How much would you brought the game, it can’t last forever. The unit itself sometimes gives players hints when to end the game and walk away with a win. Often pay attention to the frequency of issuance of your winnings. If you noticed that the slot for a long period of time increases your bet, think about the end of the session.

Of course, clearly correct and effective ways to play no and can not be, because nobody knows the algorithm of slot machines. Our advice can only increase your chances of winning.

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